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How to Manually Hotpoint a Diagram

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2017 04:39PM MST

Manually Hotpointing a Diagram

Publishers that are adding diagrams that do not contain call-outs that can be optimized for Auto Hotpointing have the option to manually hotpoint their diagrams. This process is simple, but does require attention to detail to ensure accuracy. Below are instructions for how to manually hotpoint a diagram:
  1. If the parts page you need to hotpoint is not already open, open the parts page file (.plz format) that needs to be manually hotpointed by logging into Docustudio and clicking "Open" in the file toolbar to find the correct PLZ file.  
  2. Select the ‘Hotpoint’ button  in the top right corner of the Diagram pane to enter into Hotpoint mode.
  1. In the Diagram toolbar, click on the Hotpoint  icon.
  2. Within the BOM, click on the item number that you want to add a hotpoint for in the diagram; Docustudio will highlight that item line in the BOM.
  3. Now click on the diagram callout where you would like to place the hotpoint; Docustudio will add a hotpoint and that point will be associated to the BOM line item you selected.
  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 above for all items in the BOM.
  2. In the Diagram toolbar, click on the Increase/Decrease Hotpoint Size icons to fit the hotpoints to the callouts in the diagram.
  3. In the Diagram toolbar, click on the Outline Mode  icon to toggle on/off the hotpoints and verify that they are numbered and aligned correctly.
  4. Use the cursor to drag any hotpoints around the image in order to realign. 
  5. Save your new interactive parts page Docustudio by going to: File > Save.
Note: See Quick Reference Guide to Docustudio for detailed descriptions and definitions on the purpose of each icon in the Diagram toolbar. See General Hotpointing Tips and Tricks for tips, tricks and best practices when hotpointing diagrams.

For complete instructions on how to create, populate, hotpoint and save a new parts page, visit the following link: Creating New Interactive Parts Pages - The Definitive Guide

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