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How to Set User Preferences

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 10:37AM MST

Setting User Preferences

Documoto has an easy to access and configure end user preference module. User Preferences allow the end user to customize some elements of the Documoto interface. These preferences only apply to their environment and will be applied to each user’s Documoto login individually. Below are directions on where to find the set user preferences module and instructions for the options that are available for end users to customize.
  1. To find and open the end user preferences click on the ‘Preferences’ icon on the top right of your Documoto web portal.

  1. The user ‘Options’ window will open with three tabs called ‘Miscellaneous,’ ‘Library,’ and ‘Books.’

  1. In the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab users can set their user-interface default language and reset or update their password.
    • Password Standards Enforcement:
      • 8 character minimum
      • 1 special character
      • 1 upper case and 1 lower case character
    • Show Pricing Toggle:
      • NOTE: This option only appears if a user has been granted access to the ‘Hide Pricing Button’
      • See instructions in the ‘Optional User Preferences’ section or in the Temporarily Hiding Pricing in Documoto article

  1. Under the ‘Library’ tab users can set Library view and shelf defaults.

  • Default Shelf: Allows end users to pick which shelf or media shelf contents should display first when logging into Documoto.

  • Default Search View: Enables end users to determine which search view to display after logging in (Tile, List, Grid or Flow).

  • Show Shelf Filters: Determines whether the shelf filters are open by default.

  1. Under the ‘Books’ tab users are able to configure the layout and navigation defaults for books and interactive pages.

  • Show Table of Contents: Determines whether a book’s table of contents is displayed by default.

  • Diagram Layout: Determines the default layout of the diagram in relation to the bill of materials in an interactive parts page.

  • Show Diagram Navigator: Determines whether the Diagram Navigator is open by default within an interactive parts page.

  • Zoom in on Callout: Sets zoom in on callout behavior, and determines whether the diagram will automatically zoom in on callouts when they are selected in the diagram of bill of materials by default.
  • Part List Columns: Allows end users to customize which part columns are visible and what their order is.
  1. Click the ‘Save’ button after making any changes to your user preferences.

Customizing End-User Part List Columns

  1. While in the ‘Options’ window or ‘User Preferences’ window, select the ‘Books’ tab.
  2. Check the ‘Override’ check-box in the ‘Part List Columns’ section.
  3. Click the ‘Add Column’ button.
  4. In the ‘Add Part Column’ pop-up window, select the first column that you want to appear in the bill of materials or parts list on an interactive page.
  5. Once you have selected the part property or tag and it is highlighted in the list, click the ‘Select’ button.
  6. Continue to ‘Add Columns’ until all of the properties and tags you wish to appear in the interactive page BOM are listed.
  7. Using the three row ‘Drag Handle’ icon, click and hold to drag and drop the part properties in the order you want the properties to appear in.

  1. If you would like to set customized column widths, type in the column width in the ‘Column Width’ text box, or use the arrows to increase or decrease width. (NOTE: This setting is in pixels, meaning that a width of '50' would be no wider than the end of your pointer finger. Additionally, the setting sets the ‘Minimum’ width in pixels.)

  1. To delete a part list column, simply click the [X] on the row you wish to delete.

  1. Select the ‘Save’ button when you are done adding, reordering, editing and deleting part list columns.

Optional User Preferences


Configuring Hide Pricing

The ability to hide pricing is useful for dealers or end users who want to be able to show customers Documoto parts pages, without also having to reveal their discount or wholesale dealer pricing to their customers. In order to do this, the pricing toggle must be enabled and the prices that should be hidden must be configured in ‘Preferences.’
  1. In the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab, select the ‘Show Pricing Toggle’ option.
  2. Select the prices that you want to be able to ‘toggle’ on and off or hide from certain users or customers.
  3. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.


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