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Viewing News Items and Required Readings

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 04:08PM MDT

Viewing News Items

  1. Login to Documoto.
  2. Check that you are in the ‘Library’ or home tab.
  3. Under the Quick Links’ section in the left navigation pane, click ‘Latest News.’
  4. In the ‘News Item’ grid you will find a listing of all enabled or current news items.
  5. The news items are listed as follows:
    • The left column indicates whether the logged in user has read the articles yet or not.
    • The second column shows release date.
    • The third column indicates the news item’s ‘Subject’.
  1. Click on a news item in the grid to open it.
  2. After reading the news item text, check the bottom of the news item for any attachments, external links or related media items. Click on the attachment, link or related media item to open it.
  • External Attachments will appear like this:
  • External Links or URLS will appear like this:
  • Related Media Items will appear like this:
  1. To close the news item click the ‘Back’ button at the bottom of the ‘News Item’ pane.

Required Reading News Items

‘Required Reading’ news items are critical announcements that must be viewed, and all attachments opened. If the news item is not opened upon login, end-users will continue to be notified each time they login that there is an unread critical ‘Required Reading.’ Furthermore, if a user chooses not to view the ‘Required Reading’ news items, then a red notification will remain at the top of their Documoto user-interface until they open the announcement.
  1. Login to Documoto.
  2. Click on the news item in the ‘Required Reading’ window that appears upon login.
  1. If you accidentally closed out of the ‘Required Reading’ window, click on the red required reading warning on the top of your screen to open. The warning reads “You have unread required reading. Click here to read.”
  1. Once in the ‘Required Reading’ news item, read all of the text in the news item.
  2. Check the bottom of the news item for any attachments, external links or related media items.
  1. Click the link, attachment or related media item on the bottom of the news item to open it.
NOTE: If you do not open the related links, attachments or media items in ‘Required Reading’ news items, then the ‘Required Reading’ warning notification will remain at the top of your screen until you have opened the related item.
  1. If there is no related item, click the [X] icon when you are done viewing the critical or required reading news item.

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