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Printing Interactive Media from Documoto

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016 01:30PM MDT
Documoto allows users to print interactive media at the Book, Chapter and Page level.

NOTE: If you are not able to see the print icon  at the book, chapter or page level – Check with your Documoto Administrator to see if the printing privilege has been disabled for your user account.


Printing Interactive Media (Books, Chapters, Pages)

1.     Log in to Documoto.
2.     Open up the media shelf that contains the book you want to print or that contains the chapters or pages you want to print.
3.     Select the book and open it by clicking on the associated image or name in the shelf.
4.     Once the book opens, ensure that the ‘Book Viewer’ is also open.
5.     Navigate to the lowest level in the book that you wish to print (ex. Page, Chapter or Book)
6.     Click the printer icon in the ‘Book Viewer’ pane to print the interactive media item.

7.     A print manager will appear that allows users to specify the following printing options:
a.     Print Selection (Page, Chapter, Book)
b.     Printing Options:
i.     Page Printing Options: PDF or Archive (.plz)
ii.     Chapter Printing Options: Include sub-chapters?
iii.     Book Printing Options: PDF or CSV
c.     Options:
i.     Format for 2-sided Printing?
ii.     Include Image
iii.     Include Parts List
d.     Table of Contents:
i.     All: Includes all of the pages and chapters in the printed table of contents
ii.     Chapters: Includes only the chapter titles in the printed table of contents
iii.     None: A table of contents is not printed
e.     Page Size (Letter, Legal, Etc.)
f.      Orientation (Landscape or Portrait)
g.     Default Language

8.     Click ‘Print’ to continue.

9.     The ‘Job Manager’ window will open, which allows you to view the status of your print job.

10.  For larger documents or print jobs, you can close this print manager and check on the print status at a later time by clicking on the print manager icon on the top right of the Documoto portal page.

11.  Once the status shows as completed, click on the job line. A PDF should open up in another window.
12.  Depending on your PDF viewer, there should be print  and download  icons that can be used to print the document or save the document to a desktop or mobile device. (NOTE: These icons may look different in different PDF viewer.)

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