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Creating and Editing News Items

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2015 10:39AM MST
News items are a way for Tenant Administrators to communicate important organizational news. News can be related to products, general safety announcements, company changes or any other important information that needs to be broadcasted to a selected Documoto site user base or all Documoto users.
NOTE: This article is about the administrative processes of creating and editing news items. For information on how to open or view news items and required readings in the Documoto user-interface, see this article: How to View News Items and Required Reading

Creating a New ‘News Item’

  1. Login to Documoto.
  2. In the ‘Admin’ drop-down, select ‘Tenant Administration.’
  3. Select ‘News Items’ under the ‘Miscellaneous’ section.
  4. Click ‘New’ to create a new ‘News Item.’
  1. Add the subject or news item name to the ‘Title’ field.
  2. Enter a text message regarding the news item in the ‘Message’ field.
  3. In the ‘Attachment’ drop-down, select whether you will be attaching a link (external URL), external file or internal media item to this news item.
  • Link: Enter the URL of the link in the URL field. Determine if you wish for the link to open in an external browser or not.
  • File: Click the ‘Add’ button and add an external file from your computer.
  • Media: Click the ‘Add’ button and use the filter to find and select an available media item.
  1. Next to ‘Type’, determine if you would like your news item to be a ‘Required Reading.’
NOTE: See the ‘Required Reading’ section of this article for more details on what this option enables.
  1. If necessary, set the news item's date ‘Range.’ After the end date of the range you select the ‘News Item’ can still be ‘Enabled,’ but will no longer be available for end users to view.
  2. Ensure that ‘Enabled’ is checked off.
  3. Select the ‘Organizations’ you wish to have access to this news item. Use the ‘All’ button to select all organizations in the list.
NOTE: News items have inheritance. By selecting a parent organization, all of its child organizations are automatically given access to that news item.
  1. Click ‘Save’ to create your new ‘News Item.’
  2. You should now see the news item you just created listed in the ‘News Items’ grid.

Editing and Deleting News Items

  1. Login to Documoto.
  2. In the ‘Admin’ drop-down, select ‘Tenant Administration.’
  3. Select ‘News Items’ under the ‘Miscellaneous’ section.
  4. Highlight the news item you wish to delete or make changes to in the ‘News Items’ grid by clicking on it.
  5. Select ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete.’
  1. If you are editing the news item, ensure that you click ‘Save’ after you are done making changes. If you are deleting the news item, select ‘Yes’ in the ‘Confirm Removal’ pop-up.

What is ‘Required Reading’?

Required reading is a setting that can be enabled when creating a news item. The setting increases the priority of the news item and indicates to end-users that it is critical and that they are required to read the announcement. When this setting is enabled, the ‘News Item’ appears in a ‘Required Reading’ window each time a user logs in until they click and open the news item to view the contained information. Furthermore, if a user chooses not to view the ‘Required Reading’ news items, then a red notification will remain at the top of their Documoto user-interface until they open the announcement.

 Required Reading Window


Required Reading Notification

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