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Configure and Setup SSO Integration with OpenAM

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 11:30AM MST
The attached document presents the configuration and setup for SSO integration between Documoto and OpenAM.  OpenAM is being used as the IDP host server in the example presented here, but any IDP server could also be used.
  1. OpenAM has been installed using the Default Configuration settings during the install.
  2. OpenAM 9.54 or above is used.

Component Architecture

The diagram below shows a high-level architecture of the components involved in the SSO flow.  A user attempts to access Documoto, using a specified URL provided by Digabit; the Documoto server attempts to authenticate the user via the Tenant’s OpenAM server, which in turn communicates with the Tenant’s Active Directory.  Once authenticated, the user is auto-logged into Documoto.

Download the attached document to view the rest of this article.

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