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Navigating Hotpoints and Hotpoint Links

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 09:25AM MST

What are hotpoints and hotpoint links?

Hotpoints are interactive callouts in a parts diagram. Clicking on them both highlights the part in the BOM and opens a hotpoint preview of the associated part attributes (part number and name) and icons that indicate if there are related items, comments or tags associated to the part.
Standard Hotpoint (Circular Callout):
Hotpoint links extend the capabilities of a hoptoint. A hotpoint link’s function is to provide a click-through link that leads users to associated media, chapters or pages.
Standard Hotpoint Link (Square Callout):


Components of a Hotpoint:


An interactive callout that opens the part hotpoint preview when selected.

Hotpoint Link

An interactive callout that opens the part hotpoint preview and a link to a related page, chapter or book.

Add to Cart

Adds the part to the shopping cart.

Part Information

Opens the part information window.

Open Hotpoint Link

Opens the page, chapter or book that the hotpoint is related to.

Part Attributes and Related Information

The preview of part attributes (number and name) and clickable links to open any related comments, items or tags.
Another important concept that users should be aware of is that one hotpoint item number can be tied to multiple parts. Similarly, one hotpoint link can be linked to multiple pages, chapters or media.

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