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Bulk Updating Parts Information

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 09:18AM MST

Updating Parts Information in Documoto

If you have a large volume of parts that requires updating, you can submit that content in bulk in order to save time versus editing each item individually through the Documoto interface. The part information most commonly revised or added with this method includes prices, custom prices for different organizations, and custom tag values.
If you have a large number of static media items to add or update, see Bulk Loading Static Content: http://support.digabit.com/customer/portal/articles/2160169
Below are instructions on how to update parts information by using a simple spreadsheet:
1.) Request the Update Parts spreadsheet from your Digabit Engagement Manager or Digabit Support staff. A screen shot of this spreadsheet, with some of the cells completed, is shown below.

2.) The only item that is required to be filled out is the ‘Part Number’ value in column A. The remainder of the column headings list optional data that should be completed based on organization and user needs. Let’s define these headings:
  • Part Number: The unique part identification number previously defined for this part.
  • Supplier Key: A unique name corresponding to the supplier who furnishes this particular part.
  • Retail / Discounted / Wholesale Price(s): These numbers define the default prices (Tenant-Level) associated with the part that are displayed in the shopping cart and in other applicable screens within the Documoto interface. If you need to designate custom pricing for members of specific organizations, enter the organization name and different prices in the Organization, Organization Retail Price, Organization Discounted Price, and Organization Wholesale Price columns (see below).
  • Unit of Measure: A unit of measure that applies to the given part. This unit is defined when parts data is migrated into Documoto, or in the Part Properties screen of Documoto’s Publisher module. Typical values are EA (i.e., “each”), BX (“box”), CTN (“carton”), and so on.
  • Property Name / Property Value: These items are equivalent to the ‘Tag Name’ and ‘Tag Value’ used within Documoto to enable search filters. You cannot create new property names (i.e., tags) using this spreadsheet; a tag must have been previously created in Documoto in order to change or define its value.
If you need to set more than one property value for a particular part number, simply copy the applicable part number into an empty row in the spreadsheet, below existing data, and enter the desired values into the proper cells.
  • Organization: Enter an organization here if you are creating a unique price structure for a particular part number and organization.
  • Organization Retail / Discounted / Wholesale Price(s): Enter the special pricing here that will apply only to the organization entered in the previous cell. Members of the specified organization(s) will see the prices you enter here, instead of the default prices defined previously.
In the example screen shot, the ‘Acme’ and ‘Cogswell’ organizations have been set up with two different sets of pricing for the same part numbers. As with the ‘Property Name / Property Value’ attributes, you can copy and paste part numbers and enter desired values in the row(s) below your other data if you have more than one set of prices for the same part number.
3.) After you have completed all the cells with the data you wish to update, submit the spreadsheet to Digabit Support. They will extract the data and update the Documoto system.


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