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Replacing an Existing PDF in Documoto

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2016 03:24PM MST

Replacing an Existing PDF in Documoto

To replace an existing PDF on the Documoto server, with an updated version, simply upload the new PDF, with the same filename as the PDF you want to replace, using DocuStudio. By using the same filename, any metadata (i.e. tags, comments, related items) previously applied to the media will remain intact.

IMPORTANT: the filename and media identifier are different attributes with Documoto; the identifier is searchable within the web library, while the filename is not.

  1. Log into Documoto.
  2. In the ‘Admin’ drop-down, select ‘Tenant Administration.’
  3. Select ‘Media Manager’ in the ‘Management’ section.
  4. To identify the filename associated with the PDF (media) you would like to replace, search out the PDF using the filters or visually within the Media Manager.
  5. Highlight the appropriate PDF and select ‘Open’.
  6. The ‘Media Properties’ should open on the left hand side of the screen. Take note of the ‘Page File’ name.

  7. Log into Docustudio.
  8. Select the ‘Publish’ tab.
  9. Select the ‘Upload’ button, to access the source File Directory Window.
  10. Select the ‘Browse’ button.

  11. Status window will open to monitor the upload status is Complete (note: Uploaded filename will have 2 entries, Processing/Upload).
  12. If successfully replaced, the PDF’s attributes ‘Date Updated’ date will be updated.

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