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How to See User Activity in Documoto for My Tenant

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 11:02AM MST

How to See User Activity in Documoto for My Tenant

Documoto has several reporting functionalities. In order to access and run reports, you must be in a User Group that has been given access to the Reports Module in Documoto.
  1. Log into Documoto.
  2. In the ‘Admin’ drop-down, select ‘Reports’.
  3. Select an item on the left column to launch the report and view the report’s contents.

  4. Upon launching any Documoto report, a ‘Parameter Form’ will open on the right. The Parameter Form allows the user to specify the data to use in a report. Each report will have unique parameters, producing different useful data sets.

There are two types of Documoto reports that can provide user activity information:
  1. The 'User Report'
  2. The 'User Action Report'

The User Report displays the login activity of users. The report includes:
  • The organization the user belongs to
  • The user’s last name
  • The user’s first name
  • The user’s username
  • When the user was created
  • Whether the user is enabled or disabled
  • The user’s last login
  • The number of times the user has logged in
  • The user group the user belongs to

The User Action Report displays what users have been viewing in Documoto. The report includes:
  • The date
  • The user
  • The organization
  • The action performed (i.e. 'view media', 'view page')
  • The media type (i.e. book, document, etc.)
  • The identifier
  • The media title

If a user is viewing a book, the User Action report can also display the chapter and page the user has accessed, as well as the number of times it has been viewed.

Reporting Capabilities Toolbar

For further analysis, end users can generate and manipulate Documoto reports using the Reporting Capabilities toolbar, shown below. 



Toggle Table of Contents
If you print a report to PDF, the Toggle Table of Contents feature will display an example of the Table of Contents (TOC) for the printed PDF. Note: this feature is rarely used, since publishers primarily print books (or parts catalogs) within Documoto’s Publisher module.
Run Report
Specifies the parameters used to generate the report. Red asterisks denote parameters required to run the report.
Export Data
Allows the user to create a customized data table using the report parameters. The resultant table can then be exported for viewing in a CSV file (.csv), using UFT-8 output encoding.
Allows the user to export the report into a format of their choosing. Documoto supports the following formats: DOCX, Excel, OpenDocument Presentation, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, OpenDocument Text, PDF, PostScript, PowerPoint, PPTX, Spudsoft Excel, Word, & XLSX.
Print Report
Allows the user to print the report to either HTML or PDF format.
Print Report on the Server
Allows the user to print the report, in document file, to a server printer.

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