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How to Use the Shopping Cart to Order Parts

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017 11:00AM MST

Using the Shopping Cart 

By following the instructions for navigating Documoto and using search capabilities, users can find items that they need information on or need to replace. The shopping cart provides Documoto users with a way to send purchase orders (PO) or request for quotes (RFQ) directly to the after-market part vendor or OEM.

Ordering Parts from Parts Pages

The most common method of ordering parts is by first finding the part in parts books or catalogs. Once the part has been identified as what needs to be ordered, you can order the part by following the instructions below:
  1. Check that the shopping cart has been enabled for your account and for the item you want to purchase by looking for the shopping cart icon  listed under Actions on the line item. 
  2. Click the shopping cart icon to add the part to your cart from the bill of materials or from the hotpoint link menu by clicking on the  icon.
  3. Once the item has been added to your shopping cart, the shopping cart icon will turn red on the line item  and the ‘Cart’ tab will show there is one item in it.
  1. After selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ icon, an ‘Add to Cart’ pop-up dialog box might open in your Documoto window. You can use this box to increase or decrease quantity before selecting the ‘Add’ button to add the item to your cart.
  1. Continue to add parts in the same way until you are ready to send the PO or RFQ.

Editing the Shopping Cart

  1. Once ready to place the order, click on the shopping cart tab on the top right of your Documoto window.
  1. In the shopping cart window you may update quantities, remove items or save the shopping cart for a later time/date.
  2. Quantities can be updated by increasing or decreasing the quantity arrows on the quantity column, or manually entering quantities in the ‘Quantity’ fields.
  3. Items can be removed by highlighting the line item and clicking the 'Remove' button.
  4. Carts can be saved by clicking the ‘Save’ icon. You will be asked to assign a cart name in another window and then save the cart.
  1. Suggested Parts to Add: Documoto can also be set up to automatically suggest parts to add to an order based on the items already in the cart.  These can be added by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button on the part description in the ‘Other Parts we suggest' area in the shopping cart.
  1. Quick Add: If you already know the part number of the item you need to order, you can use the ‘Quick Add’ link to add parts to the cart.
    1. Click ‘Quick Add’ in bottom left corner of the shopping cart window.
    2. Enter part number in ‘Part Number’ field.
    3. Select suggestion from 'Suggestions' list.
    4. Change quantity as necessary.
    5. Click 'Add to Cart.'

Submitting POs or RFQs

  1. Click on ‘Request for Quote’ or ‘Purchase Order’ button at the bottom of the shopping cart order form. (Note: Some companies will have customized forms, such as “Warranty”, in place of the RFQ or PO forms.)
  2. A window will appear with fields that must be completed to submit PO or RFQ.
  3. Update the ‘Email Subject’ field if necessary (this field is automatically populated, but can be edited with other text if needed).
  4. Check that all appropriate recipients are listed in the ‘Recipient List.’
  5. Complete all required fields and drop-down selections.
  6.  Click the ‘Send’ button.

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